March 19, 2009

Press Release: My collaboration with the Snow Leopard Trust

Recently, a representative of the Snow Leopard Trust contacted me about using my photo, Endangered Beauty, for their organization.snow leopard They have been dedicated to awareness and conservation of the endangered snow leopard since 1981, and they are a cause I whole-heartedly support. I was delighted to work with them and as a result, I will be donating 10% of product sales of Endangered Beauty to their fine organization.

I've posted the official press release below. (Please feel free to repost it on your blog or site, or link to it!) And, I want to thank everyone who has sent me their comments and feedback on Endangered Beauty. I appreciate hearing from all of you!

Photographer to Donate Proceeds From Award-Winning Snow Leopard Photograph To The Snow Leopard Trust, To Help Spread Conservation and Awareness

Proceeds from "Endangered Beauty," the snow leopard portrait by acclaimed Fine Art Photographer, Stephen W. Oachs, will be used to promote awareness of this remarkable endangered species through an artistic partnership with the Snow Leopard Trust.

San Jose, CA/Seattle, WA–March 17, 2009–Photographer, Stephen W. Oachs, is honored to have his photograph contribute to the important mission of the Snow Leopard Trust, an organization dedicated to protecting the endangered snow leopard.

Oachs is a passionate nature photographer, so it was a tremendous honor for him when Endangered Beauty won voter's choice in the National Geographic 2008 International Photography Contest. "But it means even more to be able to offer the photograph to help spread awareness through an organization as honored as the Snow Leopard Trust," said Oachs. "What I have learned about the endangered snow leopard is a tragedy. To be able to contribute to bringing awareness to their situation means a lot to me. I was excited when the Trust approached me about use of my photo, and I am dedicating 10% of all product sales of Endangered Beauty to the Snow Leopard Trust."

To view the photograph, Endangered Beauty, visit or

To learn more about the Snow Leopard Trust and their mission, visit

About Snow Leopard Trust

Founded in 1981 and based in Seattle, WA, the Snow Leopard Trust is the oldest and largest organization working to protect the endangered snow leopard. The Snow Leopard Trust manages programs in five countries representing roughly 75% of the world’s snow leopard range, and is conducting the largest and most technologically advanced snow leopard research project to date. The Snow Leopard Trust protects the snow leopard and the mountain ecosystem on which it depends by using a comprehensive approach that combines scientific research, public education, and on-the-ground conservation programs that give people an incentive for protecting rather than poaching the cats. Learn more about the Snow Leopard Trust at or by calling 206-632-2421.

About Stephen W. Oachs

Stephen W. Oachs is a successful entrepreneur, technology veteran and award-winning photographer working from San Jose, California and the San Francisco Bay area. Oachs' photography has won numerous awards and photography contests including National Geographic, Popular Photography Magazine and the National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest. His photo of the Fly Geyser in the Black Rock Desert will be in the Singh-Ray national ad campaign. His work is sold online and through art shows and galleries. He holds on-location photography workshops, and is available for presentations and speaking engagements. To contact Oachs or learn about his workshops, visit his Website and online gallery at, and his blog at

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March 3, 2009

I need your VOTE! Smithsonian Photography Finalist

Hello Everyone! As I recently announced, I was chosen as a finalist in the Smithsonian Magazine Photography I need your VOTE!

Please click here to vote!:

(To vote, find my image at the very bottom left, click the round button, then enter the code at the bottom of the page and click the "Submit Your Vote" button.)

You can vote once per day, through March 31st. If you feel so inclined, you can leave comments or share the story on this page:

This would be a big honor for me and I really appreciate your support!